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Most homeowners and commercial establishments only buy one or two garage doors in their entire life, considering they tend to last longer and are very costly to replace. Consequently, you have to consider many factors when choosing the right garage door.

Once you have made up your mind, the key factor of extending its functional life is doing proper maintenance and repair for small problems. You must not allow a single minor glitch linger or else it can lead to a bog down garage door.

In that case, you need to find a reliable garage door opener and repair service provider in Homestead, Florida. Craftsman Garage Opener Homestead has a solid track record in garage door repair and installation. We ensure you are safe and secure when you choose us for the project.

Garage door repair Homestead FL- Our services

Residential Repair
Residential repair

Dealing with a damaged or broken garage door? You’ve come to the right place. We offer garage door repair Homestead FL service. Whether your garage door is faulty or completely broken, our highly trained experts can help. We’re the one to call if you are having issues with your garage door.

Commercial repair
Commercial repair

It’s very important to have a well-maintained garage door in order to keep your business safe and secure. That is why we are here to help make your garage doors look great and function at its best through our commercial garage door repair Homestead FL service.

Garage door repair Homestead FL

Installing a garage door is never an easy task. That’s where our professionals can help. Our certified technicians specialize in installing garage doors. With our skills, knowledge, and state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we can help protect you and you are through our garage installation services. Should you require our service, contact us as soon as possible.

Garage door openers
Garage door openers

Having problems with your garage door openers? Don’t get troubled. We have the experience and knowledge in repairing faulty garage door openers. We’re consists of experienced technicians that can fix almost any damaged or broken garage door openers.

About Us

About us

Craftsman Garage Opener Homestead consists of best technicians that you can rely on. We have many years of experience that allows us to provide quality service to our valued clients. Our team offer fast response time, and this is what enables us to effortlessly earn the trust of our customers.

In addition, our garage door services are not only reliable but available at affordable rates as well. In our hands, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are the one you need when you are experiencing problems with your garage doors. Equipped with impeccable skills and years of experience, there are no garage doors we can’t repair, and this is what allows us to stand out in the competition with little to no effort.

After all, we know how difficult and dangerous it is to fix a garage door opener by yourself. This is why we are here to do the job for you. No matter the brand of your garage doors, our highly skilled technicians can repair it in the best and fastest way possible. Whether you require a garage door spring repair or need to install a garage door for your office, our team can help.


Immediate Response

Garage Door

It doesn’t matter what the time or situation is, we will drive to your location in the shortest time possible when you reach out to us. We are always ready to serve. Our craftsman garage opener door repair Homestead FL service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you can contact us no matter if it’s day or even in the middle of the night. We’ll get to you with immediate response and provide you with the best solutions that are certain to meet not only your needs but your expectations and satisfaction as well.

Emergency Repairs

What situations call for emergency garage door repair?

A malfunctioning garage door can be traced on several broken parts such as electric garage door opener, tattered springs and cables, misaligned track, trolley, arm, and belt driving system. Fixing any of these parts requires utmost safety and precaution considering a garage door exerts huge force as it swings or drops on the ground.

Our team have years of experience and training in securing safety while troubleshooting the problems of your garage door system. We have served plenty of residential and business establishments in Homestead.

Can an overhead door be an emergency exit?

If there are no other egress doors aside from the overhead door, then it can be considered as an emergency exit for any residence or commercial building. However, it must meet the minimum requirement for exits as mentioned by OSHA.

Our team can customize your overhead garage door to become a smooth and easy emergency exit.

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Residential Service

How to install a residential garage door?

This is how we install an overhead garage door, but our services cover more than this.

  1. Before buying any panels, we need to measure your garage door opening.
  2. Install weather stripping on the bottom section of the door panel.
  3. Secure the weather stripping by placing one bracket on the opposite side of the panel.
  4. Carry your door panel and place it in the center of your door opening.
  5. Install one door hinge on the upper section of each door panel. Secure them with a lag screw.
  6. Insert one roller on each side of your hinges and brackets.
  7. Install the wheels on the door frame. After, line up the door panel’s track in the door frame. You need to work on the bottom piece of your track first.
  8. Upon installation of the track on the door frame, observe proper spacing so there are less friction and squeaking. Use lag screws in securing the track on the door frame.
  9. You need to install two hinges for all the remaining panels.
  10. Install the second panel on top of the bottom piece installed a while ago.
  11. To connect the door panels, use hinges.
  12. Grab the track and fit is right around the wheels.
  13. After, you can screw the hinges in place and secure the track on the door frame.
  14. Do the same steps for the remaining panels.
  15. Once all vertical tracks are secured, connect the horizontal track on the top-most section of the door opening to the vertical track. You need a ladder for this.
  16. Secure the horizontal tracks at both ends by installing a perforated angle bar to the ceiling.
  17. Use a stop bolt to firmly secure the horizontal track to the iron angle bar.
  18. The last procedure involves the installation of the spring and garage door opener.

Is it better to have one double residential garage door?

Your decision on this matter depends on practicality and aesthetics. We both install high-quality double and single garage doors from the most popular brands in the market.

Practicality Wise

Most double residential garage door is 16 feet. When there is a power outage, manually opening a 16-ft door compared to two single garage door is more difficult.

Likewise, your cars inside cannot go out for a double door for you only have one opening and exit option. In contrast, for a two single door, you have another option of placing a backup battery for one door in case the mainline goes out.

In terms of insulation, a double door will have a wider opening and more cold or warm air getting inside compared to having two single doors.


A front double door looks great and adds more aesthetics to your home. However, you do not want to attract much attention to your garage doors considering opportunistic criminals can be anywhere.

A two single door creates more balance to your overall home design. Likewise, security is not compromised by attracting too much attention.

Commercial Service

Aside from residential garage doors, we also cater doors for commercial buildings. If you have some repair, maintenance, or installation projects for your industrial grade garage doors, we can be your most dependable partner.

Just give us a call so we can provide free quotations for your requirements. We also immediately respond to emergency repairs anywhere in Homestead.

How to adjust commercial overhead door springs?

Here is how we adjust your commercial overhead door springs.

  • First, we will release all spring tension by fully opening your garage door
  • Then, we will secure your door so it does not fall and slam the ground.
  • We will remove the spring hook off its track hanger.
  • If there is too much tension, we will move the spring down with one hole. If otherwise, we will move it up with one hole.
  • Then we will do some test run to ensure it works smoothly already.
Garage Door Installation Service

If you want a dependable and satisfaction guaranteed garage door installation service in Homestead, Craftsman Garage Opener Homestead is your best solution. We will guide you through the various factors you need to consider in choosing the right one for your home or commercial space.

What are the factors to be considered?

Average Cost

Different models and design have their respective costs. Below are some of the average prices you can consider.

Solid wood models – $2,500 – $6,000 above
Single doors – $400 – $700
Custom-made – $1,200 – $8,000 above
Single standard doors – $800 – $1,000
Insulation and Windows

You need to look for the R-value of the material’s thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the better it resists temperature change. For window installations, it can add to the overall cost but increase its aesthetics and ventilation.


Aside from its mechanical system, the material used for your garage door will influence the overall cost. The typical materials to choose from in the    market include the following.

Synthetic wood
Natural customized wood

This refers to how you want your garage door to open and close. For this,     you have four options – roll-up, sliding, swing-up, and swing-out.

Size – Typically, garage doors have a height range between 7-ft to 8-ft, while the width can vary from 8-ft to 18-ft.
Lighting systems – This feature adds aesthetics and security on your garage door. Unwanted visitors are more hesitant to breach garage doors that have good illumination because of increased visibility.
Craftsmanship – We have the best line of technicians licensed and bonded to ensure your garage door is accurately installed and repaired. We also equip them with the right tools to get the job done on the same day.
Location – Your current location also influences the rates of the materials and services offered by the company. They have to consider logistics, taxes, and cost of living allowance.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Why won’t my garage door opener close?

To solve this problem, we are going to check the following

  • Check lights at the front of sensors
  • Malfunctioning sensors
  • Loose connection
  • Motorhead

The reason can be one of the things mentioned above. After identifying the problem, we are going to provide cost-efficient options to resolve it.

How much garage door opener installation cost?

The average cost for installing a door opener is $343 which range between $220 to $498. The overall cost also depends on what type you are going to install.

  • Chain-driven openers – $150 to $300
  • Belt-driven openers – $200 to $250
  • Screw-driven openers – $190 to $260

Other factors you can consider

  • Simple remote control – $30 to $40
  • Keypad – $30 to $60
  • Light installation – $50 to $100

What is the need to hire the professional garage door repair service?

We understand that most households would reflect on how much savings they will have if they will be the one to do the repairs or installation of their garage door and parts. Aside from savings, we need you to consider the safety and accuracy of work.

When working with any projects regarding garage doors, it requires at least two people with middle to high carpentry skills. The second factor you need to consider is your knowledge about electrical systems in your home and garage door parts. Likewise, you need to have the right tools in doing certain works on it.

After assessing these variables, you need to check on your overall cost and the cost of hiring a professional installer. If some of the factors are lacking, it might lead to an earlier retirement of your garage door system. Think about it, which costs more, buying a new set of garage door or labor cost of a professional installer or repair service.

Same Day Repairs

A broken garage door is inconvenient to any homes or business buildings as it hampers the smooth flow of work. With us, you are assured that our highly trained and licensed technicians will settle these problems the same day you called us.

Whether minor or major repairs, our team will carefully inspect it and repair those broken springs, cables or more at the most cost-efficient manner.

How to service automatic garage doors?

Our services for automatic garage doors can be grouped into three – maintenance checkup, repair of broken parts, and installation of a new one if necessary.

  • Maintenance Checkup – Preventive maintenance is the best method of prolonging the life of your unit. Here, we are going to do the washing, lubrication, and inspection of parts.
  • Repair services – Any broken or faulty parts seen in our inspection, we will recommend cost-efficient measures or parts replacement.
  • Installation – If your unit can no longer be repaired due to old age and several parts bogging down, that is the time we will recommend for a replacement.
What to consider about free quotes for garage door repair service?

Most repair service centers provide free quotes on specific projects to work on your garage door system. Take advantage of these free quotes with the following variables to be considered.

  • Gather several free quotations – To have a good benchmark on price, you can never settle for one free quotation from one company. You have to gather multiple quotations from different repair service centers to have a good estimate of the cost.
  • Best Option is Never Always Cheapest Cost – Remember that cost is directly related to quality. Be skeptical about cheap cost as it may tend to use low-quality materials or the company’s service is not that good. You have to weigh quality and price seriously.
  • Is it Exact or Estimate Price? – For those companies who have years of experience, they have a higher chance of giving you an exact price for the service. Then ask what is covered by the given quotation and the possible add-on expense for the task.

Craftsman Garage Opener Homestead offers its clients transparent quotations with all breakdowns laid out. There are no hidden costs in our free quotations. You will only pay the exact cost we have offered for your concern.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

How tall are garage door panels?

The average dimension of a single garage door is – Height 7 to 8 feet and Width 8 to 9 feet. For a double garage door, its average dimension is – 7 to 8 feet height and 16 feet width.

Can you replace garage door panels?

You can replace one or the whole panel of your garage door. To ensure you get it professionally done, you can call us anytime. We will measure the specific dimension of your panel and choose the right color and design to match it.

Likewise, we can also replace the entire door panel if it has aged too much already.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

What is an overhead door spring?

An overhead spring is responsible for safely opening and closing your garage door. Typically, there are two types of springs – torsion and extension springs.

  • Torsion springs – These are the larger springs on metal rods attached on top of the door and parallel to the door opening.
  • Extension springs – These are long and thinner springs attached on top and parallel to the horizontal upper tracks on each side of the door.

If any of these springs are tattered or needs replacement, you need to call us for professional help. Handling this problem on your own is risky because these springs exert a huge force which is dangerous to the repair person.

Our technicians have the right skills and experience repairing and installing new springs on different residential and commercial garage doors in Homestead.

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