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Every business building in Homestead has its garage door that both serves as passageway and protection against theft and weather.

Consequently, no matter how tough your material is, it eventually wears out and some parts are broken through time. For any repairs or replacements on your commercial garage doors, Craftsman Garage Opener Homestead is 24/7 to serve you.

What are commercial garage doors?

These are garage doors with larger dimensions and tougher conditions to withstand the harsh working conditions in business operations. These doors can be made from glass, industrial-grade steel, and overhead steel.

It has a standard dimension of 24-ft x 1” high and 32-ft x 2” wide.

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What are the types of commercial garage doors?

Here, we are going to have four types of commercial garage doors in the market.

  • Overhead – This type can be motorized and remotely controlled or manually operated. The materials used can be wood, aluminum, steel, or glass. The door panels are long horizontal slats connected by hinges. They are opened and closed by lifting horizontally until it is parallel with the upper horizontal tracks.
  • Fire Rated – It operates similarly with standard roll-ups with tougher protection level. Their material is thicker making it more resistant to noise and fire.
  • Roll-up Doors – The horizontal slats of this type are thinner to have more flexibility during rolling up process. This type is ideal for two conditions – doors block the passageway or rails cannot be accommodated due to wide door opening.
  • Scissor gates – This type operates similar to a sliding door where closing and opening it can be done by moving the door from right to left or vice versa.
What are commercial garage doors?

These are garage doors with larger dimensions and tougher conditions to withstand the harsh working conditions in business operations. These doors can be made from glass, industrial-grade steel, and overhead steel.

It has a standard dimension of 24-ft x 1” high and 32-ft x 2” wide.

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How important is insulation in my commercial overhead door?

We have the right materials, tools, and technicians to enhance the insulation of your commercial garage doors. Below are the important reasons why you need to have good insulation.

  • Energy Savings – A better insulation ensures the temperature inside your building is kept constant to reduce energy consumption    for your heating and cooling system.
  • Stronger Built – Doors with better insulation means it is made from highly durable material with more thickness. This makes them more    resistant to wearing and dents from bumps and crashes.
  • Tougher Protection – Because of their thicker and stronger door materials, it provides better protection from the external environment which hastens spoilage or ageing of products.
  • Better Noise Reduction – Their thicker and tougher materials are    more able to absorb and block the noise from outside the building.
How to adjust commercial overhead door springs?

You have to check whether the problem is on the torsion or extension spring. When dealing with this problem, our team will do the following steps.

  • Fully open the door, then dislodge the door from the opener
  • Firmly lock the door so it does not fall to the ground. A C-clamp or locking pliers can be an option.
  • Removal of the spring hook
  • Adjust spring tension – to decrease tension move one hole down the track, while to increase tension is to move up one hole.
  • Adjustment of the cable
  • Testing

24-Hour Emergency Services

Every business operation must not be hampered or slowed down due to any technical problems like a malfunctioning commercial garage door. A delay in a business transaction is income lost to the company.

To protect your business from the unwanted breakdown of your garage doors, save and call our hotline. We provide the fastest response for all concerns regarding your garage doors. Likewise, with our latest equipment and highly trained technicians, we can guarantee same day repair and replacement.


Our Services

Spring Repair

There are various culprits for a broken garage door spring. Our team will carefully assess the cause and check on the following factors

  • Normal wearing process
  • Eaten by rust
  • Lesser number of springs used
  • Door is imbalanced

Cable Repair

Our team will carefully inspect the reason for problems of your garage cable. They will look into the following aspects for its root cause.

  • Normal wearing cycle
  • Absence of lubrication
  • The cable is off the pulley system because the door is unbalanced

Roller Repair

When you have problematic rollers, our technicians will look into the following factors and determine the main culprit of the problem.

  • Lack of lubrication
  • Constant shaking of the door
  • Gaps between the roller and rail
  • Standard wear out cycle

Track Repair

Our technicians will repair and replace your problematic tracks. Below are some of the typical track problems settled by our team.

  • Loose tracks on the wall
  • Minor dents
  • Repair and replacement of misaligned tracks due to heavy bumps

Opener Repair

Our team accommodates various opener problems which are not limited to the following

  • Non-working opener
  • Loud grinding noise
  • Gaps or cracks
  • Wear out the weathered sealant
  • Small opening then immediately closing of the door

Hoist Repair

Some of the typical problems settled by our team when it comes to chain hoist include but are not limited to the following

  • Slip clutch problem – the door does not come down once raised up
  • Broken pendant or pin – your door cannot open or close
  • Squeaking chain hoist

Rolling Steel Doors

Our team has years of experience repairing and replacing roll-up steel doors either multiple or single-panel type. Resolving problems with multiple panel type is more affordable and faster, while the single-panel type would cost more.

Rollup Truck Door Repair

We can efficiently handle Whiting and Todco rollup trailer and truck door repair. Our technicians will

commercial garage door

  • How to wire commercial garage door opener?

Use two pieces of 22 gauge bell wire for your Security + 2.0 opener. Whereas, for a Security + model, you need to use a 22 gauge bell wire (2 pieces) if the screw or plug-in terminals are present.

  • How to adjust the commercial garage door opener?

To adjust the tension in your opener, you must first release the door from it. After, adjust the chain until you have 1/4” (Square Rail) or 1/2” (T-rail). Adjustment happens on the inner trolley, specifically those two nuts and threaded shaft.

  • How to program commercial garage door opener?

Each brand and model of opener has its specific means of programming their remote control door opener. Below are the simple steps of programming LiftMaster Garage Door.

  • Locate the Learn button
  • Press and release the button. Do this twice for your MyQ Control Panel
  • Press and hold for 30 seconds
  • The indication for successful programming depends on the model. You can indicate blinking light or LED light will shut off.
  • To check if the whole process is fine, press the programmed button.
  • Repeat the whole procedure if unsuccessful.

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For premier repair and installation commercial garage door services in Homestead, Craftsman Garage Opener Homestead can be your all-in-one solution. We can do standard and customized repair and installations depending on your preference and what’s best for your commercial buildings.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all parts and brands on your garage doors. Call us today for inquiries, appointments, or free quotations.

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